One view. Many clouds

As companies continue to expand their use of the cloud to cover everything from backup and storage to mission-critical applications, their growing multi-cloud environments are becoming harder to manage. Typically, these cloud services emerge autonomously; they are purchased to meet specific business needs, with little to no IT input. This not only creates inefficiency, but makes it extremely hard to gain the visibility the business needs to get the most out of its cloud ecosystem.

What every company needs is a unified cloud services dashboard that allows for the provisioning and management of every cloud in the environment, whether public, private, or hybrid, with a few clicks of a mouse. That’s where iOCO CloudBolt comes in.

More than cloud management

Offering one interface that communicates easily with all of the world’s clouds, iOCO’s CloudBolt platform makes management of all your cloud environments quick and easy.

Providing easy access to all your clouds and virtualised environments, CloudBolt is a cloud management platform that empowers users to have complete control over their clouds, whether they be public, private, hybrid or sitting in a multi-cloud environment.

CloudBolt transforms enterprise IT into a fully orchestrated multi-cloud solution. Our platform integrates on- or off-premise resources, as well as public clouds, in a single interface which allows you to easily manage and provision resources on demand. Your systems, services, and applications can be rapidly deployed using our cloud management portal, while choosing the best location for each workload.

Simple to deploy and easy to use, CloudBolt places you and your organisation in direct control, regardless of where your cloud is provisioned from. This comprehensive cloud management suite empowers your IT operations and developers to stay agile, competitive and focus more on strategic initiatives.

Take your multi-cloud strategy to the next level

A full multi-cloud management platform, CloudBolt can be your starting point in the cloud and is available as a standalone solution. It can be used with your on-premise infrastructure, as well as your hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, and Kubernetes environments.

Our cloud management suite helps to ensure that you always have enough cloud infrastructure to meet your business needs and strategies at any given time – without the wastage of unused infrastructure. CloudBolt provisions orchestrate, and automate infrastructure resources, allowing you to manage configurations across multiple technology stacks, transforming the way end users to access cloud environments.

CloudBolt’s approach to cloud resource management is unique in that it prevents users from overprovisioning resources. This is one area where CloudBolt is several steps ahead of other cloud management platforms because it allows you to understand all of the cloud systems being used and their users. It gives you tools that trigger permissions based on groups, costs, and services. You no longer need to go through a cumbersome approval process that can affect productivity.

Comprehensive cost management

Many cloud management tools promise to reduce cloud costs, but most fail to deliver.
By providing visibility across multiple cloud domains, spend and usage, CloudBolt becomes an effective cloud cost management platform.

Enabling better managed self-service IT cloud environments, CloudBolt provides end-users with the ability to see and understand what they’re spending upfront before it’s too late. CloudBolt also provides the ability to set spend quota on individual user groups to ensure spending doesn’t exceed a specified threshold.

Flexible, modular and scalable
Pick standalone capabilities or upgrade to the full suite, easily.

Learn where you’re overprovisioning and underutilising resources and right-size using trend information and notifications.

Take charge of costs with simplified billing in local currency and the flexibility to choose monthly, daily, weekly, or even hourly instances.

Transform your cloud ecosystem into a business enabler

Transform your cloud ecosystem into a business enabler

CloudBolt helps you transform your IT from a cost centre to a business partner without losing control. Ensuring cost transparency and optimisation, capacity and resource planning in one place, iOCO’s CloudBolt platform saves time and money, letting IT staff focus on moving the business forward.

  • Access to all of your cloud needs through a single pane of glass
  • Bridge legacy, current and future technologies so your environment is future proofed to deploy any cloud environment
  • End Shadow IT in your organisation
  • Select from a catalogue of servers and application environments, pre-configured by administrators to meet business needs as well regulatory requirements

By turning your enterprise IT into the cloud provider, iOCO will help you unleash a responsive, agile alternative to runaway IT that gives your DevOps teams what they want. The result is greater IT effi¬ciency, better control, and more business agility.

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