Redefining consulting to accelerate data and digital transformation

Putting people at the heart of your digital transformation strategy

In digital transformation, a proactive partner is the difference between success and stagnation. We drive sustainable change by utilising lessons from the past to create more effective, efficient ways of working.

No matter the business or industry, the one thing they have in common is people. Together with APS Solutions, we’ve redefined our digital transformation consulting services to connect the dots between strategy and business outcomes in a manner that meets customer, employee and business needs through technology.

Our people are catalysts for change, collaborating closely with your people, from ideation to implementation.

We provide help with digital transformation:

  • Products designed to ignite and fast-track digital transformation by extracting decades of learning and best practices.
  • This critical information is integrated with your specific business change requirements.
Harness intelligent technologies like AI, machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), and advanced analytics.

Accelerated business data transformation

Get to the benefits of your business data, faster:

Data Lab as a Service to help your organisation to extract insights from data in order to power better decision-making capabilities.

APS digital experience platform creates an agile, scalable multi-channel business through open source software that runs natively in the public cloud.

A proven, ready-to-use accelerator for managing business data assets securely in the cloud.

Unleash the talent and unlock the potential of your people with our pre-configured, secure data lab that is built for analysis and experimentation.

Critical features for data transformation:

Security and Governance




APS Digital Data Lab

Offers a secure, controlled flightpath for your organisation to manage its digital transformation journey to leveraging sophisticated cloud solutions.


Hypothesis &

Analytics & data
science tools

Collaboration tools

Integrated into GCP

Automated scaling

Selected from
pre-configured data sets

Itemised billing

Bring your own
data tools


Why iOCO?


Sizeable dev teams


In-house data science expertise


From ideation to implementation


Proven network of consulting professionals

Need help with digital transformation in your organisation?

We assist to manifest the future desired state of your products/services, tailoring our approach to your delivery frameworks across all types of Programmes and Projects - whether transformative or regulatory driven - covering both Agile and Traditional Waterfall delivery expertise.