Advisory Services


At iOCO, we are assisting companies move from passively reacting to information, to the active and embedded use of data for innovation and experimentation.

Our advisory services ensure that you are set up for success. We get to grips with the heart of your business, what drives your performance, your hopes, and your frustrations. We use various techniques, gleaned from many disciplines, to map out a business analytics roadmap, aligned to your goals and readiness.

Asking the right questions is the first step to getting closer to understanding what’s really going on. Knowing where to get the answers is the next. The old adage “ask a stupid question and you’ll get a stupid answer” is true in the BI world today. For example, many businesses are still monitoring five-year-old KPIs, like cost reduction, when they have already stripped their business of any redundancies, and their corporate strategy clearly states that customer acquisition and retention is directive number one.

iOCO's Analytics Advisory Services is a process that we have developed to help prompt and uncover the real questions that need answers. Participants are guided through a series of questioning methods, and jointly produce a visual information map. These maps document the current sources of information; the value-add processes, like adding personal business acumen, experience and insight; and people and departments involved along the way. Low-tech, guided information discovery sessions are held with business users, resulting in an understanding of how business processes, data collection and core measures interact with each other.

We use learnings borrowed from systems thinking and critical thinking to understand, and map the interaction of data, information, strategy, process and people across the business.

Or, you may require a more concise roadmap, which highlights immediate interventions, plus recommending medium term initiatives that support other business objectives.

Of course, we understand that data (big and small), is at the very core of all analytical decisions. This is precisely why we focus on ensuring a strong data foundation to support your business analytics solutions. Take a look at more details of our data management proposition here.

Download our Data Strategy Advisory Services brochure.

Successful business analytics is a melting pot of technology, data design, interface design, business acumen and human interactions.

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