Inspired by digitally native internet organisations (iO) and creative organisations (CO) of the future, the essence of the iOCO brand is the coming together of a community of great people with the best technology to serve humanity.

Join us as we navigate your path to an exponential future. iOCO.

We exist to solve.

Remote-first companies will lead the new world of work with increased efficiencies both operationally and economically. Together we can solve for COVID-19 and the biggest workplace revolution in history.

iOCO is your digital journey partner in an exponential future.

Together as South Africans, we can, through our creativity and entrepreneurial spirit deliver rapid-impact solutions that protect our country’s workforce and contribute towards rebuilding the South African economy.

Stephen van Coller, Group CEO

Our Purpose

Empowering  business and society through technology and people

Empowering business and society, through people and technology

People First

Our creativity and humanity remain the most critical competitive advantage we have, and we endeavour to develop and uphold our talent with care.

Agile Mindset

We think and act with the responsibility that comes with a sense of ownership and accountability, we are empowered.

Social Responsibility

Our business is embedded in diverse societies and we aim to be a force for good by harnessing the power of new technologies to uplift society.


We believe in providing a broad range of services that can be easily packaged under one brand for the benefit of our customers and partners.

A cloud system integrator

  • Helping clients navigate a "multi-speed" world
  • Turnkey, one-stop, technology agnostic partner
  • Tailored, integrated, forward-looking solutions
  • Fundamentally digital
  • Focus on value

Building on exceptional foundations

iOCO is more than a name, it signifies a new way of operating an ICT business. As a systems integrator, our strategy as iOCO will be driven by the integrated strength of our business units, for the benefit of our clients and partners.

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