The 2020s have fundamentally changed how we work.

Gone are the days of packed offices and over-subscribed meeting rooms. Overwhelmingly, staff want hybrid solutions of working part time at the office, and part time at home. And when they do come to the office, they want assurances that their health is protected and that their employers have their best interests at heart.

GetSpace Phone App - oranise work space
GetSpace Phone App - oranise work space

The new norm

To meet this new normal head on, facilities managers need a people-focussed on-demand space planning solution that can give them the insights needed to manage corporate real estate on a new level, improving space utilisation and saving costs on unused areas.

Adaptable & Robust

GetSpace is a safe, smart and agile online solution that is adaptable to your office environment and your requirements. Book desks, meeting rooms, parking bays, and more. Gain deeper insights into your offices though data insights and dashboards. And ensure that the only people in your office are those people healthy enough to be there.

GetSpace Phone App - oranise work space

In a fundamentally changed world, GetSpace is the answer to the question,

how are YOU getting your people back to work safely?