Speed up your Financial Close while we manage the complexity.

Numbers speak the same language, no matter their origin.

And now you can Speed up your financial close, while keeping pace with evolving accounting standards with CCH Tagetik’s Financial Close and Consolidation Software.

The software consolidates real-time financials from multiple books in a single system for a faster, compliant close and consolidation. While many systems are plagued by issues of scaling, rounding and balancing, CCH Tagetik automatically aligns financials across your business

CCH Tagetik financial close & consolidation

Process Monitoring

Monitor the whole process with a dashboard that provides the status of entities throughout the submission, adjustment and consolidation process. Manage data entry flow by defining accounts, forms, and calculation logic for every step across the process or matching different data models to different entities.

Shave Days Off Close

With Finance controlled rules applied across all ledgers and books and a guided consolidation process, bottlenecks and redundancies that plague closing are eliminated. Instantly validate, reconcile and run calculations in minutes -not hours -using an in-memory driven consolidation engine.

Easy Audits,
Complete Control

Finance has the power to grant and restrict access to specific users based on the sensitivity of information. Audit logs capture changes to journal entries, metadata, adjustments, narrative, calculations and more so Finance can see exactly who made changes when.

Automatically Aligned,
Vetted Financials - Globally

By importing data from a single source, collect data once, and use it in both consolidation and reporting processes. Multiple dimensions allow you to see different views of the same data. An automatic match for currencies and interest rates ensures alignment across conflicting inputs.

Fully Supported
Regulatory Compliance

Whether reporting according to IFRS or US GAAP, calculations follow the most recent accounting standards. With prepackaged, compliant templates for key performance documents, like Balance Sheets and P&L, annual or quarterly or monthly reports, be confident numbers disclosed to the regulators meet their stringent standards.

Fast, Accurate Reports

Even with multiple books, currencies and contributors, a single truth is represented across statutory and management reports. From ad-hoc to formatted, self-service analytics and pre-packed reporting templates are automatically populated, speeding up their creation while ensuring data and narrative consistency.

3 reasons why CCH Tagetik Financial Close and Consolidation lets you focus on your business:

Single Point of Truth

Automate the entire financial consolidation process. Complete trial balance imports, intercompany reconciliations, journals, and reporting in a single platform

Advanced Consolidation Intelligence

Monitor each consolidation step in a smart cockpit where you can do everything from eliminating intercompany transactions to managing multi-currency conversions.

Compliance and Control

Get compliant by using one set of data to drive GAAP, IFRS and XBRL reporting. Our automated financial controls, validation rules, and complete audit logs ensure complete data and process transparency.

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