Become agile and transparent from the PIT to the Customer with intelligent technology.

By 2025, mining companies will deliver resources responsibly by automating production; achieving sustainable operations; and collaborating with customers, suppliers, and communities.

Why Customers prefer ByDesign

The Power of an Intelligent ERP enables process simplification and automation.

Transformation in the mining industry is occurring at a rapid pace. Technology changes and evolving environmental standards require constant agility and adaptation. Mining companies must be able to respond to rapidly changing conditions yet still comply with all standards.

Mining companies have started to shift from a mainly engineer-to-order business model to a repeatable and scalable configure-to-order model, using individual customer engineering requirements to become nimbler in serving a more demanding customer base.

The principle of an intelligent enterprise is to automate, extend business processes, or even transform the entire business model. Intelligent technologies such as collaborative artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, and machine learning are the foundation of an insight-to-action-driven enterprise.

All businesses have the same goal; they want to run at their best. They want to offer the best employee experience and the best products and services and deliver the best customer experience. They want to manage spend, run efficiently, make confident decisions, and innovate. They want to break down departmental silos and integrate their processes so that everything runs seamlessly. SAP’s solutions for intelligent enterprises can help you to achieve these outcomes.

In the digital economy, intelligent technologies and
integrated business processes are now driving digital transformation.

Run the Mine
Like a Factory

The ability to respond quickly to changing conditions is an essential part of managing a mining business

Raise Customer

In the commodity business, you have to differentiate yourself. Mining companies must improve customer interactions to gain a competitive edge.

Utilize Collaboration

Real-time information exchange with vendors, customers, and workers is essential for the intelligent mining enterprise.

Increase Sustainability

Communities, investors, and governments are expecting more than just following the bare minimum requirements to keep the license to operate.

well to manage expectations

Simplify and innovate

  • Reimagined business models, business processes and work
  • SAP Intelligent Enterprise Framework methodology as a guide for digital transformation
  • Value-based innovation road maps.

Build and Launch
with proven best practices

Standardize and innovate

  • Mode company approach to accelerate adoption with model industry solutions
  • Design thinking and rapid, tangible prototypes
  • Coengineered industry innovations delivered with agility.

all deployment models

Run with one global support

  • One global consistent experience
  • End-to-end support - on premise, in the cloud or with a hybrid approach

for continuous innovation

Optimize to realize value

Continuously captured and realized benefits of digital transformation.

Leading mining companies have already begun the journey toward becoming an intelligent enterprise.

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