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Professional Service ERP OnDemand by iOCO

iOCO offers a pre-defined cloud ERP solution, that will allow professional services organisations to take control over every aspect of project delivery, from planning and execution, to procurement, staffing and billing.

Key Benefits of iOCO's Professional Service ERP OnDemand

Standardise Delivery

Deliver every project to the same standard, by templatising your execution methodology and storing the latest version of accelerator documents in a single place. With consistent delivery, you can improve customer satisfaction and profitability.

Increase Resource Utilization

Improved resource visibility allows you to better align resource requirements with skills and availability. Always have the right resource, and the right place, at the right time.

Integrated Project Management

Reduce revenue leakage, late or inaccurate customer billing, and budget over-runs. With service delivery, accounting and billing all integrated into project management, improve your bottom line. Real-time information allows you to react faster and make improved decisions.

Mobile Ready

Get business insights with on-the-go embedded analytics, approve workflows while waiting to see your next customer and glean project delivery statuses during a coffee break. With a number of specialised applications for both IOS and Android, you can take your business where ever you go.

Enable Rapid Growth

Support sales, project management and supply chain management with multi - currency, multi-company, global functionality. Cloud-based software means you don't need to build an IT department to help you grow.

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