CA Southern Africa to deliver Broadcom’s AppNeta industry-leading monitoring solution to SA market

CA Southern Africa has revealed that following Broadcom’s acquisition of AppNeta – finalised in February this year – it will also deliver AppNeta’s network performance and end-user experience monitoring solution to the SA market, in addition to the extensive suite of Broadcom Software’s award-winning solutions.

CA Southern Africa is the sole sub-Saharan representative of CA Technologies, a Broadcom company. 

A recent EMA Radar Report notes that AppNeta offers one of the most comprehensive suites of active monitoring capabilities available on the market. Using a variety of techniques to acquire visibility into network performance and end-user experience, the AppNeta solution is particularly well-suited for distributed enterprises that need to monitor hybrid WAN as well as cloud performance. This, coupled with the work-from-anywhere user experience, while its monitoring points also passively collect network traffic for deep-packet inspection, differentiates the solution. While the technical bona fides of AppNeta Performance Manager gain specific praise in the EMA Radar Report, it is the customer perspectives that truly speak to the less tangible factors that sets AppNeta above the competition.

Today, most organisations are moving towards a hybrid, work-from-anywhere environment, making the guarantee of optimal end-user experience increasingly difficult. With AppNeta, companies can easily monitor network performance from the users’ perspective, no matter where they are or which cloud-based apps they are using.

“Armed with this real-time, actionable insight, companies can quickly identify and address network issues to keep businesses running smoothly,” says Hannes Lategan, AIOps Business Development Manager, CA Southern Africa.

Lategan notes that Broadcom’s acquisition of AppNeta extends its vision for network operations to network observability anywhere.

“Together, Broadcom and AppNeta enable comprehensive network observability in order to deliver a superior digital experience to customers, anywhere,” he adds. Instead of just collecting top-level metrics providing limited, or zero, next-level diagnostic capability, AppNeta uses a lightweight, active performance monitoring approach that provides visibility across the entire active application delivery path and produces accurate results by using only a fraction of the packets per test used by competitors.

AppNeta runs deep hop-by-hop analyses of network paths any time it detects an issue providing deep-level insight into all apps running on the network, thereby revealing which apps are slow, at what location, and for which users. It is also unique in its ability to provide Active Path Visualisation and Network Path Diagnostics for automated analysis that includes pattern matching, root cause analysis and symptom analysis.

“This is an exciting addition to Broadcom Software’s solution portfolio. The SA market stands to reap immense benefits from the availability of this unique solution in post-pandemic times where hybrid working models are the norm,” concludes Lategan.

IDC's Quick Take

Success in network analytics and automation is driven by both technology development and solution delivery. The combination of Broadcom's sizeable customer base and ecosystem, wide-ranging systems and network management portfolio, extensive support services and presence, and existing scalable network performance management capabilities and AppNeta's end-to-end network performance view, SaaS-based delivery model and deep network intelligence and insights, raises the bar for all competitors. Broadcom can take AppNeta support to a whole new level of services scale and capabilities.

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