Amazon Web Services

As a trusted Amazon Web Services partner, we are thrilled that AWS is set to launch a Region in Cape Town, South Africa this year. The new Region will allow AWS customers as well as partners to run their workloads and house their data in the country. This will place South African companies in a position that will allow for the use of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), mobile services, and much more!

iOCO consolidates agile methodologies and world-class technology to deliver a competitive advantage and operational efficiency. Our solutions ensure a realistic transition from traditional to next generation IT.

We have gained an Amazon Web Services End-User Computing Competency Partner status as well as Well-Architecture Partner status which allows us to review infrastructure and advise due to our advanced skill-sets.

With these capabilities, we have some incredible offers available for you in South Africa. Keep on reading to see what these are.

Our Offering

We can accelerate the digital transformation for our AWS customers by providing expertise on migration and managed services.

Our comprehensive portfolio of services covering design, build, migrate and operate will guide and support you on a Well-Architected AWS Cloud Journey.

50% discount on migration

First month managed services for free

2 hours free

Free One Day Workshops


Your competitive advantage is technology-based innovation. Sustained innovation means continuously developing new ideas into innovative software which continuously improves the value delivered to users. One significant means for achieving this sustained innovation is DevOps.

Technology by itself does not offer a competitive advantage. The traditional approach to software development are no longer sufficient and manual processes are error prone.

Continuous integration and delivery is an important aspect of DevOps and having a sound CI\CD process will enable your teams to move from ideation to production faster, more frequently and more reliably.

Join us in a workshop with our DevOps engineers to gain insight around creating a sound CI\CD pipeline for your technology stack.

Application Modernization - Microservices 

Although they have been around for a while now, microservices are gaining popularity within many organizations and are becoming synonymous with application modernization. A microservices approach enables businesses to innovate and respond to change with agility. However, along with these benefits come many complexities when building and operating microservices.

Where does one start and which approach is correct?

We have successfully implemented multiple applications and digital platforms using microservices architectural approach. Leverage from our experiences around what approach works and the pitfalls to steer away from.

Join us in a workshop where we discuss past projects and take you through the lessons learnt so you can deliver your next microservice project that much faster.

Cloud Migration/Cloud native development

Momentum is building across all industries, to migrate applications to Cloud. We believe that the transition to Cloud is a key enabler of business transformation that can help improve customer engagement and drive a strong competitive advantage.

But there is allot to take into account when you start this journey; including cost of migration, application redesign, security and privacy requirements and regulatory requirements.

If you want to start your journey in migrating your applications to the Cloud, then join our Cloud Architects for a one day workshop where we will discuss the key considerations in migrating applications as well as developing Cloud native applications.

Assess & Deploy

Our team operates in the Well-architected manner, offering certified cloud architects that will consult with you based on your business needs, with an outcome of a well-architected design and build.

Access to advanced technical resources, including solution architects, lead engineers, Kubernetes experts, DevOps experts and Data experts to optimize and transform your AWS environment.

Even if you’re in another AWS region, we can help you migrate seamlessly and advise you on the best way forward to leverage the local region. This will increase performance and reduce data sovereignty concerns.

Our offer includes discounted rates on migrating of 50%.


24x7x365 operational support from an army of certified AWS cloud specialists, plus enhanced tooling and automation.

Our offer includes the first month free of the iOCO Cloud Managed Services.

Terms & conditions apply*


We use a defined and efficient process to help clients improve AWS infrastructure, eliminating risk and allowing them to respond faster to changes. We're part of the Well-Architectured Partner Program.

Our offer includes 2 free hours for a Well-architected review for a nominated workload.